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    The Admiral Express Delivery Manifesto

    I will say “Yes!” I am empowered to ensure customer satisfaction on every delivery. Taking care of our customer’s needs is my job one.
    I know what my customers want.I will not take it for granted that I am doing what the customer wants. I will make sure! I will ask questions and show sincere interest in their satisfaction.
    I deliver more than just ‘supplies.’ My goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction and more. I want our partners to experience the difference. We refuse to be ‘just another office supply company.’
    I will make the difference.Every delivery counts. Make it the best experience of the day! I will leave them wanting me as one of their employees.
    We are a team! I am an integral part of the best customer satisfaction team anywhere! I will work to build team spirit and make every customer sense the team they have behind them.

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